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The Event Is Postponed to September 2021!


Your Journey to Content Delivery – an Approach, Preparations, Possibilities and Chances

Digitalization is a thriving topic nowadays as every company already has or will need a strategy for that. In this workshop we will have a look at how you and/or your technical communication department can be an integral part in this process. Whether we talk about easing the access to your documentation, integrating your content in different existing systems, getting ready for the internet of things or just making it available for other departments in your company to use within the bigger picture. With Content Delivery there are multiple possible applications to put your content to good use, depending on your company's needs. Content Delivery attempts to take content and metadata and create the best possible added value for the end user of your information, regardless of whether this stems from one or more sources or is used in one or more applications. Exciting, isn't it? – Let's dive in!

In this session we will discuss

  • What Content Delivery is and means
  • Content Delivery scenarios and some real life samples
  • Some checks, identification of main needs and a general approach