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The Event Is Postponed to September 2021!


Combining Functions – a Challenge of the Future. Tech Writing Plus UX

When we talk about the future, the first thing we think about is AI and how to write algorithms and texts for it. I would like to look at the future from a different angle. New roles such as UI and UX writers are being created to shape this future. While bigger companies have the need for full-time UI and UX writers, in smaller ones other roles take up these functions.


In addition to writing and maintaining documentation, tech writers are often expected to perform other text-related tasks. For example, at my current job I write and review UI texts and collaborate with the UX team. As we live in a design-centered world, I think the ability to take up UX/UI-related functions will become more and more popular for tech writers in the future.
In my talk I would like to cover such aspects as:

  • Why the tendency of combining functions occurs
  • Why tech writers are perfect candidates to write UX/UI texts
  • What approach to choose when combining functions
  • My experience of writing the UI Text Style Guide and benefits of such guide
  • What I find the most difficult in writing UI texts and how technical writing experience can prevent you from writing “cool” UI text

My talk contains two main points:

  • The tendency for tech writers to combine different functions will grow bigger in future.
  • UX and tech writing have many things in common yet are very different. They overlap, even sometimes confront each other in user assistance. Being a tech writer and collaborating closely with UX is my example of how to combine functions. UX is a very popular topic nowadays, yet it is rarely discussed in combination with tech writing.