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Teaching Logic to Content Developers and Technical Editors

Technical authors need critical thinking skills so that they can effectively analyze content. But new technical authors may be afraid to trust their knowledge and common sense. Therefore, they may blindly accept bad content. This interactive workshop explains training techniques to help develop independent thinking and logical analysis skills. It is designed for technical authors, editors, and the managers who need to train them.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • identify the biggest barriers to logic
  • use games and exercises to improve critical thinking
  • build customized check-lists for each technical author according to their needs
  • find solutions for illogical technical authors

1. Introduction
1.1 The need for logic (business costs, usability costs)
1.2 Why good writers are not always critical thinkers

2. Identifying the need
2.1 Spotting illogical technical authors
3. Techniques
3.1 Exercise 1: Contradictory Information
3.2 Exercise 2: Extra Information
3.3 Exercise 3: Missing Information
3.4 Exercise 4: Big Picture (multi-doc content)

4. Other training and coaching tips
4.1 Creating safe parameters for questions
4.2 Customized cheat-sheets

5. Conclusion and discussion