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The Event Is Postponed to September 2021!


Automation: Including Software Source Code in the Single Source

Technical information is embedded in the source code of software. Many programming and metadata languages have mechanisms for including descriptions and definitions within the source itself, written by developers. These are often exposed as API references or developer documentation without passing through the hands of technical writers to align them with corporate rules and style.

This overview and brief case study shows an example of bringing this information into the technical writing domain. The example discussed takes a YANG model for a NETCONF interface and translates it into reference style for inclusion in a DocBook XML artifact. Based on this example, the talk will also discuss the general advantages and challenges of automating reference material generation this way.

Automation is ubiquitous in the software industry, and continuous delivery in agile environments if becoming standard. To deliver accurate information on demand, technical information must include the data present in the product.