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The Next Era of Content Analytics - Tool Presentation by Antidot

Understanding how product documentation is consumed can fuel your company with data that has the potential to transform operations and impact strategic decisions. To gain this insight, you need to change the way you track and mine the behavior of users when they search, read and interact with your technical content. By combining the latest delivery, text-mining and analytics technologies, you will transform tech content into a sensor and its delivery into a data generator. You will thereby unleash a tremendous potential of information innovation.

What you will learn:

After reviewing the flaws of the "old" approaches to content analytics, we will study how to properly capture the interactions of users with content. We will also explore the different levels of value that we can derive from modern delivery, text-mining and analytics technologies. We will see how those new technologies can multiply the value of tech content. And we will learn how tech content can be impactful for many different activities and constituencies of the company, gathering more support and becoming more strategic.