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Structured Content Authoring Is the Foundation for Intelligent Information in Field Service - Tool Presentation by Schema

Is the device broken? Does it need replacement? Or can it be fixed in the field? These are questions your field service or your customers face sooner or later. We as technical documentation departments need to produce and deliver a wealth of information. But how do we provide fast, accurate and best fitting answers to actual challenges?

Technical documentation departments are torn between two poles. On the one hand they should provide accurate information in the most efficient manner in time.  On the other hand traditional workflows producing PDF files to be printed no longer meet the demands of customers and field service providers. Structure content authoring is not only the state of the art way for efficient production of technical documentation. But can also be used as source of intelligent information to support customers and field service providers in far more ways than just lengthy manuals.

For example letting customers find the right answer rapidly via a self-service app. Or letting an interactive fault tree guide them through the decision making process of dealing with a support case. Others have experienced the benefits of ordering spare parts orders right the first time all the time. In Industry 4.0 environmental machine data can give operators as well as technicians actual advice on the actions to be taken in a certain context. Service technicians are more efficient if intelligent maintenance tables only show them the tasks to be done.

This talk investigates how SCHEMA's customers excel in technical documentation and in service thanks to structured content authoring.