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Future Documentation or the Future of Documentation?

KONE has come far in just a few short years. Moving away from PDF and print documentation and making it available in an online portal has enhanced the user experience and made the documentation accessible and more user friendly.

Users no longer need to carry the print manuals around but can access it whenever needed. The rewritten and well-structured content is also delivered dynamically to several systems. This enhances the user experience even more as users no longer need to even look for the relevant information but it is handed out to them in the right context. KONE has also taken a big step and connected elevators to Watson IoT, which has made KONE services truly intelligent and tailored to each individual equipment. With KONE maintenance documentation connected to this same network of artificial intelligence, we are fading out the gap between the equipment and the information needed to maintain it. Technical information is now an integral part of the intelligent services KONE offers to achieve less callouts and downtime. But do we stop there? No, we are aiming higher. Several augmented reality experiments are ongoing to see what benefits can be brought to the user by enhancing the things they see. From simple text to videos, animations and rotatable virtual 3D models layered on top of real-world environments, the sky seems to be the limit. Technically we can put almost anything in the AR glasses. But what does the user want? How much is enough if you are viewing the world through the glasses? When does the extra information become a distraction instead of assistance? This is what we aim to define with the "Future documentation" project that combines the talents of KONE Maintenance development and Kone Technical Documentation.