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The Event Is Postponed to September 2021!


Better Team Play for Improved UX! (Time changed)

The small team of LEAB Automotive provides high quality solutions for mobile power supply and ships it to customers around the globe. With a growing business - resulting in a bigger product portfolio and a higher number of employees - came an even greater demand for high quality product information. LEAB aims to improve the user experience by always providing the right information in the right way at the right time for every customer. In LEAB’s view, this can only be achieved through intense team play from all departments of the organization, supported by an advanced and dynamic IT infrastructure.

This workshop will start with a short presentation on LEAB‘s road to better team play:

  • How is collaboration between marketing, engineering and technical documentation encouraged and supported?
  • What does it take to erase duplicate content and content silos?
  • How does a dynamic IT infrastructure look like?
  • What challenges do we face when automating the information processes?

The focus will be on both sides of the project – the business processes and the IT tools that support them.

After this introduction, the participants are invited to share and discuss their thoughts and experiences on team play for improved UX:
We will explore the benefits as well as identify risks and challenges when it comes to enhanced collaboration and automated information processes. In the end, we will summarize our results in a checklist for possible team play improvements for an advanced user experience.